Posted on: December 6, 2010 2:26 am

#2 Ducks

I think it is great Auburn is getting all the attention for the championship game. Under the radar has been a great thing for the Ducks this year, always not being quite good enough to be noticed. Having been a Duck fan for about 45 years now, I have watched them grow leaps and bounds the past 2 years with coach Kelly. He dosen't care what people say or write about his team, but it is very obvious he truly believes they are a TEAM, and that is what wins games.
He has each and every player on the team prepared to the best of their ability, and the kids have proven they give 100 % each and every day. Coach Kelly believes that everyone should live to win the day, and I am sure his entire football team as well as the community are on-board with this theory.
I am sure hoping that on Jan. 10th people see the Duck team we have all been very proud of this year, and that is a well-rounded team. The offense has been given a lot of publicity, but they are truly an excellent TEAM with no weakness. Sometime take a few minutes to check out their special teams play, and defense, they are top notch and are as important as anything to a well-rounded team.
Auburn and the rest of the football world may be in for a surprise when they see the calibur of the Ducks team. I know Auburn has a great player in Newton, but 1 player is going to have a tough time beating a really good team, which the ducks have.
It should be a great game and for all of us that know Coach Kelly, we know the Ducks will be prepared to play a great game, they have 12 times this year already.
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Posted on: October 19, 2008 4:28 am

Washington And Washington State are terrible

It is ironic, last week Washington State football coach was whining because the OSU Beavers ran the score up on them. Oh he with a short memory, or maybe not old enough to remember the old days. Hey coach, remember in the late 1960's when it was the Pac-8, and both of the Oregon schools were not very good? I remember it very well, and am still here today remembering it like it was yesterday. Washington and Washington State voted to kick both Oregon schools out of the Pac-8 because they were not good enough to compete with the rest of the league. Hmmmmmmmmm...let;s take a good look at things now and see whats happening. The Washington football teams have combined for a total of 1 win, and that win was against mighty division II Portland State. Both schools are getting thumped each and every weekend, and quite frankly I love it. Ahhhhh.......remember those good old days when the shoe was on the other foot. I really think both Oregon schools have far to much class to ever suggest Washington Schools be kicked out of the Pac-10, but maybe someone should. No, I take that back, let's keep them around, it is way to much fun to see them get their butts kicked every week on the football field. So, quit whining coach, buck up and make your team better, both Oregon schools have.
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Posted on: July 17, 2008 12:25 pm


Has anybody had enough of Roger Clemens saga yet???...Wow, just put him on trial like anyone else would have to do, and get it over with........enough of all the drama..................get on with life
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Posted on: July 7, 2008 12:10 pm

CC is the man

Wow......the Brewers stepped up big time, and now they might make the playoffs. Good job BrewCrew......Go CC
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Posted on: June 17, 2008 11:12 pm


The Lakers have to be the most pathetic team to ever be in the finals. It is so bad I almost feel sorry for them...........notttttttttttttttttt
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Posted on: May 27, 2008 2:25 am

Go ducks

It was awesome to see The Oregon Ducks finish at the top of the Pac-10 in academics for athletes. So much is put on making it to championships, and rightly so. The one thing that is greatly overlooked is what kind of people the universities put into society after school. It has been proven this year that the U of O puts great people in society, with great educations, and great skills past the playing fields. They have put great teams into competition as well, but how exciting to see them do it fairly, without cheating, and graduating a bigger percentage then any other school in the conference. Take note all the USC's, and others, with your trouble makers and cheaters like O. J. Mayo. What a horrible thing to have hung over their heads, but reality says it is there, and thats the kind of people they choose to put into their programs. So once again.............WAY TO GO DUCKS................keep on doing it the right way, and graduate great people into our society!!!!!!
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