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Posted on: December 6, 2010 2:26 am
I think it is great Auburn is getting all the attention for the championship game. Under the radar has been a great thing for the Ducks this year, always not being quite good enough to be noticed. Having been a Duck fan for about 45 years now, I have watched them grow leaps and bounds the past 2 years with coach Kelly. He dosen't care what people say or write about his team, but it is very obvious he truly believes they are a TEAM, and that is what wins games.
He has each and every player on the team prepared to the best of their ability, and the kids have proven they give 100 % each and every day. Coach Kelly believes that everyone should live to win the day, and I am sure his entire football team as well as the community are on-board with this theory.
I am sure hoping that on Jan. 10th people see the Duck team we have all been very proud of this year, and that is a well-rounded team. The offense has been given a lot of publicity, but they are truly an excellent TEAM with no weakness. Sometime take a few minutes to check out their special teams play, and defense, they are top notch and are as important as anything to a well-rounded team.
Auburn and the rest of the football world may be in for a surprise when they see the calibur of the Ducks team. I know Auburn has a great player in Newton, but 1 player is going to have a tough time beating a really good team, which the ducks have.
It should be a great game and for all of us that know Coach Kelly, we know the Ducks will be prepared to play a great game, they have 12 times this year already.
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